1971 Hemi Cuda Hemi Orange

Very rare documented inspected numbers matching drivetrain and original body

auto console 4;10 dana car!! 

1 of 48 built Autos

4 SALE Many more cars are not on the site!! 

Private Collections for the Private Collector


Contact Direct...

Prices wont be posted!!!


RARE Pink 440 Charger 

​4 speed car...

​More pink cars coming!!


Rich P




Big Collection of some of the Rarest Convertibles and

so many others!!

Pebble Beach quality

Contact for more pics

and info...

SOLD Super Duty's

73s-74s SUPER DUTY's

Contact for info,latest SD for sale

All these cars being BOUGHT or SOLD through

GOTMUSCLECARS are individually hand picked by Rich P..

​I WILL NOT represent a car with issues or my integrity for a buck in over 35yrs for any car!! 

​So many more cars are available privately for the clients not looking to have their cars all over the internet!! 

Please Contact RichP to get your car SOLD!!


Rare 71 Cuda 383 convertible 4 speed #'s buildsheet,real orange interior

1963 Corvette ZO6

Big Brake Fuelie 

original motor and windowsticker

​Very RARE!!! Also 67/435 and L88s for sale


70 HEMI RoadRunner 

Very rare 4 speed Lime Green\White interior 4 speed

​Reunited original motor

For Sale!!!

Very Rare!! 1970 Chevelle L78 convertible​ 4 speed

396/375 fully restored documented and inspected

For sale!! 

68 FireBird 400 H.O Convertible

 4 speed

So many more cars NOT on this site!!!

Private collections for the private collectors!!  

For the private seller wanting cars sold discreetly...

Always 1 on 1 service.

Please contact direct!!!


Contact for more info!!!

Pics,docs & prices


70 Cuda 383 Convertible 4 speed

Flawless LA Times Can Am Pace car Oct 1969 More info coming in...

​​SOLD Package Deal!!!  

73 SD 4 speed

72 TA HO 4 speed

70 TA Ram IV 4 speed 

Always looking for more cars, please contact RICH P. with the info and a couple of pics and you keep your car while I get to work!!

Possible buyers are waiting and are just a phone call away!!!

Been working with private collectors for over 30yrs!! Locating, Buying and Selling rare cars all over the world is my specialty...

It's best to contact me by phone or text! 
Tell me what you're looking for to complete your collection or possibly talk about moving some cars around!!
Always just a phone call away, lets talk cars!! 

Rich P 954-899-6327   

Check out Facebook Gotmusclecars

So many other cars available before they are put on the site!! 

Copo's,Yenko's,Hemi Cars,E&B bodies,Boss's 429's,rarer the better!!

Cars coming in everyday for sale by private collectors!!

Always looking for more rare cars!!

No issue car needed!!! 

 Specializing 30yrs Locating,Selling & Buying Rare
Muscle Cars & NOW Exotic Cars,Planes,Houses,Boats!

All these cars on this site are for SALE or SOLD by Gotmuslecars...Not a dealer!!​

Always Looking for more rare cars from Private collectors wanting their privacy

​Let over 35yrs in the hobby help you navigate moving a special car or years of experience buying your dream car!! 





So many more cars NOT

on this site!!!

Private collections for the private collectors!!  

For the private seller wanting cars sold discreetly or bought...

Always 1 on 1 service.

Need to contact direct!!! 


70 Ram Air IV Trans Am 4 Speed

1 of the 59 built,also Ram IV auto

SD's and other rare Pontiacs for sale

FOR SALE!! 69 COPO Camaro

Berger 427 COPO Camaro

Lemans Blue/White 4 spd 

Original motor with great history! 

For Sale!!

Documented 69 Yenko Camaro 427

Daytona Yellow or Hugger Orange auto


REAL 70 Baldwin Motion Chevelle

Other Rare Supercars for sale!!

Contact Directly..

            Chrysler 300F

              1 of 1 built

                 4 spd


One of the Rarest Mopar known to exist

Coming out of a private collection..

More info and pics available

For Sale!!!

70 Hemi Cuda 4 spd

Buildsheet & Window Sticker

Original drivetrain and body car!

​Also BLACK Hemi Cuda 4spd

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